Saturday, January 31, 2009

living room rug

Here are the window treatments we're thinking for our family room (from Ballard Designs). I really like the grosgrain ribbon detail. Though I hope to make some of the other window treatments for the house, there are certain rooms where we need something up immediately for privacy. I'm happy with these for the family room.
We're leaning towards these slipper chairs (also from Ballard) in the family room to provide additional seating. We can order it in a cream color sunbrella fabric which is extremely stain resistant.
Here's the accent chair we've already purchased.

Today we took a rug sample (from Crate and barrel) to the store to try to see if it might work with the sofa and accent chair fabric. While the colors are complementary, we ultimately decided that it was just too much blue and too busy.

We're now leaning towards this area rug for the family room. It's less expensive and fully reversible. I think it will be beautiful with the pieces we've already purchased.. thoughts?


  1. Hi ! My computer took a vacation so I am just "catching up". You are doing a great job - I am impressed. You must be an old soul - to be this smart at such a young age.

  2. You are so good at updating your blog! So, my thoughts.... I LOVE your window treatment choice, I LOVE,LOVE the slipper chair and while the first rug was nice I agree it was a little busy. I think you should RUN, not walk to get the rug in the bottom photo!! Perfection with all of your other choices! You definitely have the muses with you as all of your decorating choices are coming together perfectly! You and M. should be really proud of yourselves!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. It makes me feel better because it sure is tricky trying to decorate without having actually lived in the spaces. I'm relieved to hear your votes of confidence. Joan, I took your advise and ordered up the rug. One more thing down. The next trick is to hope that everything arrives around the same time.... I still can't believe how close that time actually is!

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