Sunday, January 4, 2009

bedroom paint colors

A few months ago, our friend and real estate agent (who initially sold us our home) toured us around some new houses on the market so we could get some ideas for our rebuild. In looking back at the photos that I took, I'm marveling at how the paint colors are of a similar hue to the ones were considering so figured I'd take the opportunity to post those photos here.

This is a pretty creamy yellow similar to what we're hoping to do in the guest room. We've chosen benjamin moore "filtered sunlight".

This greyish green is similar to our choice in the master bedroom of "Paris Rain" but I suspect ours will be a little lighter/softer than what's here. Still I like the way the white door and trim works with this color- and even the ORB hardware will be like our home. Although these are egg knobs and we've chosen colonial ones.

Lastly this is a silvery grey similar to what we've chosen for the back (someday baby) bedroom. Our choice is Benjamin Moore "Silvery Grey". I'm still mulling over what to do with the irregular ceilings in the master bedrom and family room. thestamfordwife (see sidebar for a link to her blog) suggested in a comment to me, to do 50% of whatever color is on the walls. That may be the best way to go in the family room with the vaulted ceiling. In looking more at the master bedroom, though, I'm thinking it might be best to just carry the color all around the room as is done here (and in the yellow room above).

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