Thursday, January 8, 2009

more sheetrocking- almost complete

Sheet rocking looks to be almost complete. Now we really need the heat to be turned on so they can "mud" the sheet rock and bring the hardwood floors inside to be acclimated. We put in the gas request in October(!) and they've been out twice already. I guess they have to put in a whole new line (rather than just switch us back on); on Monday they dug up our driveway (uh, repaving a driveway was not in the budget!), but still no heat. Also waiting on electric but that should be any day now.

The family room. Our architect was so inspired to do the vaulted ceiling here. I love it. I'm strongly leaning towards painting the whole room and ceiling one color.. but more on that later.
Looking from the music room to the stairs going up. These walls are new-- this is where the pocket french doors will be. I also love how the stairs are now open-- in our "old" home, the wall went all the way up.

Here's the view from the entry into the kitchen. The short wall on the left will be where our refrigerator goes, beyond that is the dining room, followed by the living room (you can see the fireplace).
Here's our master bedroom. We wanted to make use of the storage space in the eaves, but were worried that a door that's clearly for storage would look. Here's why I love our builders, A. came up with the idea that he'd build a kind of built-in bookcase for that area, that would have a discreet latch where we could open it. I think that will be so lovely- a perfect place to have our favorite reads and definitely the best hide-and-seek place in the house ;)

Here's our master bedroom windows again, with the cut out where the bookshelf/storage door will go...

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  1. Wow, you've made great progress! I think all your rooms look great- it's really starting to come together! You can really "see" the look and feel of it all. I know how excited you must be. You can tell from the photos you have some really good trades working for you. Love the built-in bookcase under the eaves!

    (I have you saved in my favorites and it kept clicking to a post in Dec. so I thought you just hadn't posted for a while.... silly me. Correction made!)