Friday, January 30, 2009

nightly progress report

A couple photos from last night.

For the floors, 12x12 carrera with a basketweave border. The basketweave will also be the floor in the shower.

For the shower walls, the same 12x12 but with a subway tile border going around to break it up.

There was a giant mound in the middle of the back bedroom, M. swung the flashlight over and I lifted the dropcloth-- paint! (well, primer) so that must be coming soon.

This is not a good photo, but it's our soap dispenser and kitchen faucet inside our beautiful Shaws.
Looking forward to Saturday to focus in on more home stuff. Not too much time to spare when we're working- so Saturday is our day. On the high priority list is floor stain, LR area rug, ceiling fans, and exterior lights. We also have to stop by the cabinet place to confirm the hall bath vanity.

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  1. Such beautiful tile choices! Can't wait to see it all installed! j.