Thursday, January 22, 2009

a little sketch

Here's a little sketch I attempted on the train last week. It's my vision of how our living room might look. Now that I've scanned it, I am noticing all these things that are off like the fact that the line of the ceiling is way too high and the windows are too small, the back wall too far away and the side walls a bit too close..... In my own defence I wasn't working from a photo or anything-- just from my memory of the space. I tried to put in the pieces of furniture we already have (sofa, chair, the armoire, coffee table, and two ottomans). I still have to add in "M's" chair, window treatments and figure out the rug.
This was a fun little exercise for me though. I googled how to draw a room in perspective and learned about vanishing points. I have room to improve (as it were!) but I'm proud of this little sketch. I had to point this out to dear husband, but I even put a game of scrabble on the coffee table (we play all the time). It was also how I got the idea to do a wreath over the fireplace...

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