Monday, January 5, 2009

paint names

I have come to realize that I'm susceptible to having my taste in a paint color be highly influenced by the paint name. I realized this when I was agonizing with whites-- I knew that despite it's lovely creamy tone there was NO way I could paint my kitchen or any trim in my house "Mayonnaise". Dear husband has also realized this about me-- saying that he does like my suggestion for our bedroom (Paris Rain) while teasing me by pretending he thinks the actual name is "Turtle Pee" (can you imagine?!?)

I suspect this name-thing is a common problem, but given that my love for words preceded my new-found love for paint samples, I've done what any cautious person in my shoes would do; I cut out the names of the paint samples on my project just to be extra sure that I still liked the colors. Good news is, I do so now I may completely indulge in the names and all the images/feelings they evoke.

PARIS RAIN (master bed room) The name makes me think: romantic, nostalgic, intimate like sharing an umbrella, but also lighthearted like like running through the city streets in a downpour together w/out an umbrella!

SAND DUNES (hallways). The name makes me think of childhood vacations on Martha's Vineyard but also of when M. and I were dating and spent a week on the Jersey shore...

FAIRMOUNT OAKS (family room). I have a thing for trees.. something about the way the branches reach towards the sky from a sturdy, steady base-- something about how long they live for. I especially love tree-lined paths or roads. The name also makes me think of the large tree that we took wedding photos under.

...more to come... dear husband is calling that it's dinner time...


  1. I do the same thing too! Your colors sound lovely and I love your personal descriptions of them! I've been sitting here with my BM fan deck looking for your colors and can only find the Mayo. If it's the BM color, I've been fond of it for a long time- it's a great color! Personally I think a condiment color in your kitchen is most appropriate!!
    I try to make myself NOT look at the names, but it's so hard! How fun would it be to be a color namer?!

  2. joan, thanks so much for your comments- they made my day. i know it! i think i have a whole new career as a color namer ;)... re: the fan deck-- i bought the color preview fan deck (also has the historical colors)only to discover the group of gray blues/greens that I really liked were in the "color classic" grouping-- a whole different fan deck. i have to admit that I actually have gone to no less than five different BM paint places in our area taking paint cards so they wouldn't think I was taking more than my share! actually, i find the paint cards a bit easier because i can cut them apart and put them on my floor plan or up around our apartment to see what they look like. i admit, i'm obsessed with paint color (and names!) these days....