Monday, January 26, 2009

cabinet install begins

I joked with M. tonight that we're going to have to tell our builders to slow down because I'm getting overwhelmed and simply awe-struck. When we walked into the house last night all my giddy excitement again quieted and I was aware of my heart beating. Alan had called me earlier in the day to report that our kitchen cabinets had all arrived and were being installed, three guys where there working on the trim, and he would be meeting with the painter to talk schedule and believes that the painting should all be done by valentine's day. We talked door stops and floor stain and I told him how thrilled we were with the progress, even admitting that I had woken up at 4:30am unable to go back to sleep because I was filled with excitement that our kitchen was arriving.

It is so bizarre and wonderful to see all our cabinet frames in our house! One gets a sense of how that space will feel when it's built in. They leave the doors for the very end so they don't get dinged up, but the one thing we could see (mind you, with a flashlight) was the hood cover and it is GORGEOUS:
I am happy and relieved that linen white looks like the perfect choice!

Here's looking into the kitchen. M. walked over to the corner cabinet and said, "I mean this surface alone is how much bigger than any counter space we've had, ever?" The big box to the right is, of course, where the refrigerator will go. The trim will bring the cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

And the windows are almost all trimmed out. Here's in the family room:
...and here's in our master bedroom. The beauty of the trim does not come through in these photos. It is stunning.

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