Saturday, January 10, 2009

getting some perspective

I'm trying to teach myself how to draw interior spaces in order to imagine what rooms will actually look/feel like. Having read up on vanishing points and all that, I gave our family room a try last night on the train-- let me tell you, the hour commute flew by, and I'm kind of proud of how it turned out. (I may, just may scan it to post here if everyone promises to be kind! ;) I've never drawn a sofa before, much less a sofa in perspective-- the whole exercise was kind of a cool blend or artistic experimentation (I tried a wreath over the mantle and M. agrees that might be a cool way to go!) and a way-more-challenging-than-sudoko puzzle.
But I'm also writing that I think I've gotten a little perspective having priced out a glider chair at the design store which came out way more than I thought it would. What's a bother is that the fabric I chose is inexpensive at about $18/yard-- it's the actual chair that is $$$ than I had anticipated. So now I'm thinking to go Crate and Barrel on this one. I'm bummed because I really, really liked the fabric and the color and had even picked an inexpensive trim for right above the skirt. I don't know... I have a dangerous way of justifying the expense of things when it comes to rebuilding/refunishing our home-- but I think this may be a place where I have to deny myself the "splurge". I wish I could show you what a gorgeous green/grey fabric I had chosen. It even had a great name: "Willow" and the thought would be it could be in the back bedroom until it was outgrown and then either move to our bedroom or even the living room.... but here's the Crate and Barrel alternative.

Which it's fine. It's more than fine. Honestly it's still a little splurge in and of itself..... Well, we'll see.


  1. Hello Julia !
    I am here via for the love of a home - and admit that I wept through your blog - but laughed as well. You have AMAZING spirit - and as I have concluded it's the one thing that NO ONE can take from you.

    I will be following

  2. okay - you know I meant "for the love of a HOUSE"