Wednesday, January 7, 2009

bright idea

Some time ago I found this wood chandelier from shades of light and clipped it for my inspiration folder. We don't have any place for something so large in our house, but I liked that it was made of wood and thought the lines of it were so pretty. It's simple without being too rustic and it has an understated elegance to it which I like.

Then yesterday the new Pottery Barn catalog arrived and low and behold- look at what a similar chandelier they are featuring. I don't know how to feel about this. On the one hand, I feel my taste has been validated if such a big store has picked a similar style. On the other, I'm kinda bummed- like, 'hey, that was my taste!'

That said, Pottery Barn clearly missed some things. For one-- this is not made of wood. Secondly, look at how the ends are truncated. I don't mind this so much at the bottom , but the top of the other one was so gorgeous, the way it kept the eye moving up and down the piece. Actually the more I look at them together the more compelling the lines of the original one are to me.

Anyway as I said this is a funny thing to blog about because I don't figure we have any place for either one, but there we are.

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