Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sheet rock(s)!

Got home after dark and the wintery mix was just starting to sprinkle down... stopped at the town deli to pick up some batteries for the camera, then to the apartment to pick up the camera and flashlight before walking home.
Heard from our builders that the second floor bedrooms had been sheetrocked today. It's remarkable what a different feel it has. The house feels familiar-- that same cozy sense we loved when we first bought it.

The back bedroom. They fixed the window (was mistakenly eight lites over eight, now it matches the others!)

The second floor hall way- looking from the front bedroom. That's the hall bath on the right and the back bedroom straight across.

View from our (master) bedroom from basically where our bed will be, looking down to the second floor hall and hall bath.

Our bedroom from the front windows looking back towards our master bath.

Our bedroom's front windows.

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