Monday, January 12, 2009

futher (sofa) thoughts and building updates

....I think I dreamt about sofas last night. Is that normal? I did have a thought around 3am though-- I want to go back to the store and take the gorgeous blue pillows from the blue sofa and see what they look like on the tan sofa. That would mean tan sofa plus blue accent chair. Is there a chance this might work? I worry that we may need to lighten it up the sofa even more with some more light-toned pillows or even a cream colored throw. It's highly likely this won't work at all, but it's worth a shot, right? Stay tuned....

In the meantime here are some photos taken over the weekend- in day light! It makes such a difference taking photos without having to balance the flashlight.
View from the kitchen into the dining room and then the living room.
View from the dining room into the family room where the sofa will go in front of the box bay windows.
Similar view into the family room with a view of the fireplace.

Also I just spoke with our builders. Our garage door was delivered today and the stucco work on the outside has started. Please send us warm thoughts that the heat will get turned on this week (we've been waiting on gas and electric for what feels like eons!) because then they will be able to start taping/mudding the drywall. There's a good chance we'll meet with the painters this weekend so they can price out what we're thinking. All good updates. Admittedly I'm getting a bit impatient. Actually M put his finger on it exactly-- the interior, especially the second floor looks and feels eerily like our old house. I think I'm anxious to have it trimmed out so that it feels a little more different somehow and cozier. I'm eager to move in and put photos and artwork on the walls and cook dinners and make music and have a home again...


  1. All good and exciting progress - warm thoughts from St Mary

  2. I'm thinking everyone reading house blogs will tell you that is completely 'normal' to dream of sofas!
    Progress looks great! How neat that it is starting to look and feel like home! So happy for you and M!
    Warm thoughts for you! We're installing insulation today, so hopefully soon I won't see our own breath in the house when we talk!