Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sofa sale

Just when I thought I was narrowing it down, I drove by one of my favorite stores "J&M" (which I think is also fun because its the initials of dear husband and my first names!) and they are having a big sofa sale. Here are a few that caught my eye as serious contenders.... even though they don't have the fully stain treated fabric, the lower price point is very appealing (they are reduced further than the prices on the tags) and they are lovely pieces.

The fabric on these pillows is just gorgeous. The blue/gray sofa is also beautiful; I really like the welting. For my notes this sofa measures 82L 38D 37H. Even though it really changes my original vision for the room, I am seriously swayed. Even more so by the fact that with this sale we could probably also swing this gorgeous matching accent chair/ottoman.

I love, love, love this chair. The blues would still work with the wall color and the fabric I was thinking for the window treatments in the adjoining dining room. I think it would also work with the armoire and coffee table. The trick would be figuring out a rug to go with these. We've gone back and forth between a natural fiber rug and something persian. I think we'd probably want to go with the former if we turned blue with the upholstery. Oh dear, I am so easily influenced! The two big negatives are that the sofa has "feet" and even though it looks like it has a loose back, the back cushions are actually attached. This is not ideal for us at all.
Here's another option that is more in keeping with the original color scheme of creams/blacks and tans. This sofa is also a bit more comfortable somehow than the blue one. I also really like the skirt on this sofa. No gorgeous accent chair in the show room with this one, but perhaps in the future we could do one with fabric of our choosing... and though it looks a bit drab compared directly to the lovely fabric above, one could add some great accent pillows to dress it up. Sofa dimensions are 84L 40D 36H (maybe it's the increased seat depth that makes it more comfortable....)

I also really loved this sofa. (77L 36D 37H) It's slipcovered which initially I wasn't considering because it sometimes looks too informal to me, but this cover fits so cleanly that it has the relaxed slipcover look without looking sloppy. The slipcover is also appealing because it can be removed to clean. That said, I'd still be really nervous to go this light-colored without any stain resistance on the fabric.... (I don't love the idea of cleaning the slip cover constantly). Also even though this is a cream colored sofa like my initial vision, it's got blue and green grey stripes. Really pretty, but majorly changes the whole idea of the room in a way that I haven't wrapped my head around yet.... That said, the style of the sofa is so close to what we've been aiming for and dear husband says of the bunch this would probably be his first choice.

Here's the accent chair they have it paired with in the show room. I think it's very pretty but it doesn't really speak to me like that blue fabric above....
Well I have some thinking and some number crunching to do tonight....

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