Thursday, January 22, 2009

Master bedroom odds and ends

We got the new Pottery Barn bed and bath yesterday so I took it on the train to peruse. Here are a few things that caught my eye for our master bedroom:

I love toile. Not all toile, some is way too over-the-top for me, but I like the gentle toiles like the Matine toile that Pottery Barn is featuring currently. This light blue/grey would be a pretty accent in our "paris rain" colored bedroom. My plan is to buy two roman shades to cover the windows immediately and then sew some panels once we're home to add to it. As much as I like this blind, I anticipate we'll probably do a natural woven blind, but I have room to daydream about what the panel might be... and maybe there's still a good way to incorporate this fabric-- a pillow, or a bed skirt, or...

I've had my eye on these frames for awhile. I clipped an inspiration photo awhile back that has the frames all actually touching, in a kind of geometric line accenting a corner and it was stunning. I think the finish on these is lovely and I like the contrast of the thick and thin boarders. I could see a small grouping in our bedroom with some of our favorite black and white photos.... Again, I think it will look particularly nice with the paint color we've chosen for that room.

I'm stumped on what to do in front of the windows in our bedroom. It's the perfect place for a little scene.. but there are a few options. One is to have a single upholstered chair like the one above (from PB), along with a floor lamp (for reading), and a little side table. I like that the chair above is slip covered and I think the pleated skirt on it is pretty. I could imagine curling up with a book (or a design magazine!) in a scene like that.

Option number two is to do two upholstered chairs similar to the one above from Ballard designs, with a small table between them. This is the way I was leaning-- thinking we could play a game of Scrabble, say... but then I got to thinking that 1. it might be too crowded for the space. 2. would we really sit there together ever? 3. it's not the greatest chair to curl up with a book in by oneself.....

Another option is to do two smaller chairs like this slip covered Parson's chair from Ballard on either side of a table. That lessens my concern about it being too crowded.... but still has the other issues as above. Yet another thought would be to do this chair with a desk. M. has his eye on going for his PhD in the next few years and talked about where his work station could be-- it would be a perfect place to pen the book about the past year that I would like to write-- but is our bedroom the best place for this?

The weird trickiness that we have is our insurance claim.... which basically is set up to define our furniture allowance. If we don't spend the amount that our old furniture was valued at, then we won't receive that full value back... and we have to submit all our receipts at the beginning of March which is right when we're suppose to move in. All's to say it's a unique challenge... to completely furnish a home in such a short time span and without having actually lived in the spaces.

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