Saturday, January 24, 2009

two of my heros

Okay, so these guys were not so keen on being photographed. They were too modest and too hard at work today (saturday!).... So these aren't the best photos, but I wanted to post these anyway because they are currently two of my favorite people in the whole world. They, along with our incredible architect, Brian, are responsible for rebuilding our house. Here is Anthony, cutting some of the molding to trim out the windows:

And this is Alan, hiding behind the saw, with dear husband (right).

I can't say enough good thing about these guys.... I told them that things started looking up for us once we met them, and it's true. They are masters at what they do. It amazes me how they've coordinated this build-- from the ordering and delivery of material to scheduling the subcontractors, and meanwhile always being available for our questions/concerns. They have put up with my... uh... attention to detail. They have, thus far, brought the massive project in ahead of schedule and under budget. They are also just amazing people-- truly at the end of all of this, I hope we can call them friends. It seems we share similar taste in home stuff- which is reassuring on this build, but also I think they share our sense of humor and love of life. We have utmost respect for their work ethic but I also feel a keen sense of affection for these two-- they are putting their hearts and their hard work into making this house into our home. They are building the spaces where we will celebrate holidays, where we will entertain friends, where we will raise our family, where we'll call home for many years to come..... It's a pretty special thing and I hope even after our build is complete these guys will come hang out with us!

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