Wednesday, January 14, 2009

interior, exterior updates

Lots of updates to share!

Here you can see the lath(?) that the mason has attached to the outside of the masonry walls. It's this metal mesh stuff that's bolted into the wall. The stucco will be attached to this. I joked to M that it looks like our house has armor!
Here's our giant gas meter. We'll have to figure out some creative landscaping to cover this guy. That said, we're thrilled that the gas company finished their work and tomorrow the heat will be turned on! This feels like a real turning point... it means that the interior work will be able to really start up.

Here's our electric meter. M. wanted me to get a photo of it reading zero since tomorrow the electric will also be put to work.

Here's our garage door- newly installed!

... and we bought the sofa... plus the accent chair and the lovely accent pillows! We flew into the store fifteen minutes before the closed, I had M. sit on the options and I checked to see if the accent pillows could work on the tan sofa. We are thrilled to have gone through a local store especially with the current economy. We're also so happy with the price we got- and they have no problem holding the items for us until we move in. I'm really happy to have one more (large) thing down. It's a funny thing, I didn't even realize how much stress I was holding until it starts to diminish with each decision made.... with every little step I have reassurance that we're going to be okay, that we're going to be back home. I'm really happy with the sofa and accent chair; I feel like our living room is really coming together!


  1. Congratulations on the sofa and chair purchase! Yea!!!
    And Yea! for heat tomorrow- I'm so jealous!
    I love, Love, LOVE your front door and your garage door!!! Did I mention I love them?!! Both are so charming!

  2. So happy for you two - good progress - good choices and major decisions - onward! best continued luck.

  3. thanks joan- me too! I hadn't thought of it in awhile, but the garage door on our old home was one of the few things i didn't like- you can't really see it from the photo, but it had this starburst pattern thing that i so wasn't into. This new one, though, i really, really like. The garage door openner is also installed, 'Liftmaster' (?). I had dear husband laughing as I went around singing, "liftmaster, it lifts my garage door and my spirits!" (Every little step forward brings me great joy)

    and mary- thanks for all your comments. they make my day! it means so much to have folks following my little blog!

  4. I love your sofa selection and the chair is to-die-for (ah, that fabric!).

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to get some time this weekend and read all the way through yours. What a story. I'm so sorry for what y'all have been through, but it sounds like y'all are rallying back stronger and better than before.

  6. Wow - what a story! how scary to lose everything in a Fire! but glad to see you are back at it and rebuilding.

    I have to tell you, that Shaw sink is like my favorite thing, along with the faucet. I could stare at a sink all day - it's pure love. haha!!! the marble isn't that thick - it's just made to look like that - it's only think around the edges!!!! thanks for the comment and good luck wiht the house and your new sofa!!! yeah!!! I love it!!