Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tape, mud and flooring

We had our fingers crossed and sure enough when we checked in on the house last night, they had started taping the walls and our flooring had been delivered. Mind you, when he picked me up at the apartment, dear husband looked exhausted after a long day. Amazing how a stack of wood can change one's outlook:
This was kind of funny- look at the stilts in the corner. They must use them to tape the ceiling- a heck of a lot faster than dragging a ladder around, but it wouldn't have occurred to me. Now-jovial husband wanted to try them out (I put my foot down on that one). Actually they reminded me of dancing in Balanchine's "The Nutcracker"-- for a few years I was one of the children who came out dancing from under Mother Ginger's skirt. The scariest part was trying not to get stepped on my Mother Ginger who wore stilts much like these along with a giant, heavy, dress! If he (yes he) stepped on you, not only might you break a toe, but the potential was there that the whole thing would come toppling down! ...anyway back to the house: Doesn't it look great? The upstairs was less complete and I guess they sand it down and do multiple coats, but progress!

This was actually taken before the weekend, but it's been an on-going laugh since. I got so excited when I saw that we not only had a garage door, but our garage door opener had been installed. I noted the name of it and started singing, "The LiftMaster-- it raises my garage door and my spirits!"

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  1. Yes, it does looks Great! The joy of progress! And how cute is dear husband?!! It must be a 'man thing', as Dan is constantly wanting to do various dangerous things around the job site, and I have to kindly, gently hit him over the head and remind him we need him healthy to pay for all this craziness!! ha!