Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shackleton Thomas

As we start feeling a little on the home stretch we've started both thinking about the new things we have to buy (under the timeline of our insurance claim) but also the treasures that were saved that have been in storage for over a year now, that we'll again be able to enjoy each day. We were marveling this morning about our salt and pepper grinders which we think are in one of those boxes. They were Peugeot-- a wedding present. Another wedding present that I've just been thinking about lately are two pieces of pottery from Shakleton Thomas. I LOVE her work and having re-visited their website just now, I though I would share it here. I've added their website to my "faire du shopping"; it's . (All images are from their website.) The piece we received from my mother's life-long best friend for our wedding was a gorgeous plate with the "tree of life". I can't wait to display it on the built ins in our dining room. We also have a beautiful little vase with a bunny on it that was a present from a dear friend (who actually worked at Shakleton Thomas for awhile. We've never been to their workshop, but hope to on some future trip to Vermont.

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  1. Julia - thanks for visiting my blog. Just a few moments on your blog, reading your story, and already you are a girl after my own heart. Thanks for sharing your road with us. I will be back to read more, regularly!

    And that pottery is A M A Z I N G - Shackleton Thomas! With a name like one needs to be an artist!

    Ok, I have a lot of reading to do here.

    P.S. Julia is my favorite girl's name if I ever have a baby... :)